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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like the national companies, we offer a FREE 7 Day Trial*.

Yes, our Lis Pendens Data Lists are better than our competitors, so we want you to try our data lists with a 7 Day Free Trial* and try their data lists with a 7 Day Free Trial> and see for yourself.

Our information is delivered to your email inbox. Simple!

          They make you log into their website to see the data. Not simple!

Our information is delivered in Excel file, so you can easily run a mail merge to customize your marketing and print envelop labels. Simple!

          They make you manually create your own Excel file. Not simple!

Our information delivery method saves you time, and time is money! Simple!

          They do not deliver information to you. Not simple!

Sign up today for your FREE Trial*.

*Our Free Trial only includes the data list for your home county unless you order the one county option and the county you select is not your home county. For example, if you live in Richmond and order all collected SC counties, you will receive the Richmond County data set for your Free Trial.

The purpose of the Free Trial is to give you a sample of the data you will receive as a customer. We limit the Free Trial to one county, because we want to protect our paying customers from people seeking to collect free leads.

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